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The Golden Rules of Event Styling

August 9, 2018

Many factors that make an event successful, but the one that makes it memorable is how it looks. Think about it: in the wedding reception or gala dinner you last attended in New York, you […]

Two executives interviewing an applicant

4 Tips for Hassle-Free Recruitment

August 8, 2018

Just like marketing and administration, recruiting is an essential part of running and growing your company. But no one enjoys digging through a pile of job applications to find the right candidates to interview. It’s time-consuming […]

Hallway leading to closed double wooden doors.
Home & Garden

How to Design Weird Hallways

August 6, 2018

One of the most common dilemmas homeowners encounter when designing spaces is awkward hallways. You know them, the long and narrow or the dark and dingy-looking passages. These areas in the house may look like […]

car accident

Levels of Fault in Car Crashes

August 1, 2018

Even if you deem yourself a careful driver, you are still at risk of a car accident. After the crash, pursuing damages to mitigate your loss and ease transition during the post-crash period is essential. […]