Stethoscope and a syringe on a diabetes test
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How Can You Prevent Diabetes from Presenting Early?

May 30, 2019

Diabetes is the most common illness affecting people aged 45 to 64. And because of today’s unhealthy lifestyles, it is also presenting in more young adults and even children. There are various reasons people contract diabetes. […]

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Modern ways with braces in North London

October 11, 2018

Getting teeth straightened in the 21st century is a much more pleasant experience than with those dreaded 1980s braces that seemed to be forever etched on everyone’s minds, thanks to movies such as The Goonies. […]

man touching his thinning hair
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Starting to Go Bald? Don’t Just Wear a Cap

September 10, 2018

If you are starting to go bald, you might think that wearing a cap or hat can cover up the hair loss or hair thinning. While experts agree that doing so will not necessarily cause […]