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Space Age Materials For Your Future Home

December 1, 2020

Material sciences have come a long way since our ancestors first built the first wood and brick houses. Nowadays, we build skyscrapers and more thanks to modern technology. Scientists are not stopping in their search […]

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How Electricity Defined the 19th Century

October 20, 2020

It’s hard to imagine a time when electricity didn’t exist, and yet it was the reality for our forefathers. Electricity only became viable for use in technology in the 19th century, which means it has […]

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4 Essential Home Upgrades You Need to Consider

October 1, 2020

Your home isn’t just a place you live in; it’s also an extension of yourself. Through architecture and interior design, you mold your home into a reflection of your personality. Even if you don’t say […]

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Smart Gardening: Grow Bigger Yields with Less Time & Money

July 18, 2020

Smart home technology makes every homeowner’s day-to-day routine more convenient. Everyday tasks are becoming easier, giving you more time and energy to fulfill professional duties or do something you’ve always wanted to. Now, smart home […]

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Lowering Energy Costs at Home

May 5, 2020

Like the millions of people around the world, you’re probably stuck at home right now. Among the many issues you have with that fact, rising power bills don’t help. It’s no secret that the longer […]

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Set up a Formal Dining Area with These 3 Elements

April 7, 2020

Most modern homes seek the simplicity of minimalist designs, especially at the dining area. Homeowners usually want to keep it looking smart and casual and sleek. But nothing could take away the charm of a […]