Managing Migration: Tips for Migrating to a New Software Platform

June 3, 2019

Businesses and organizations grow and evolve, the need to upgrade and improve its hardware (machinery, computers, office space, equipment) and software (business software, cybersecurity system, inventory management system) becomes necessary. Technological developments such as new […]

Creative process concept

Can You Outsource Your Creative Process?

May 28, 2019

It’s tempting to think that you may know your company better than anyone else, and to some extent, you’re right. You’ve set it up, seen it grow, struggle, and go through different phases of development […]

Thumbs up, SEO concept on background

How to Do Off-Page SEO and Why It Matters

May 23, 2019

Also known as off-site SEO, off-page SEO involves taking actions outside of your website that would impact rankings on search engine results page (SERPs). Off-site SEO is all about improving search engines and people’s perception […]

work computer data protection

Computer Security Options for the Workplace

May 22, 2019

Networks and individual computers are constantly under threat. Attacks have been going on since the first network worm, phishing scheme and browser-borne malware were invented. The following are some methods that can increase computer security […]

Hand pointing to the search button

Learn to Identify the Intention of a Search

May 17, 2019

Competition for the attention and clicks of potential customers is intense. The margin for error is small, especially within a niche where many businesses know the ins and outs of their target market. In such […]